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How to Select Most Suitable Label Materials Before Flexo Printing? How to Select Most Suitable Label Materials Before Flexo Printing?

Small labels, much knowledge. Label printing is so professional that requires a full understanding for the labels making process. Before label printing, how to select labels most suitable for your label application field? Here are some tips for you.

1. Based on the specific use scenario environment of the label, to determine what label material, glue and surface treatment process to use.


2. According to the shape of the object (round, conical, spherical, glass, wood, carton and other media), determine what type of label material should be used, such as PP, PET, PE, synthetic paper, paper, etc.. If the labeling object is a small diameter bottle body, try to avoid using too high stiffness (such as PET or BOPP) materials to prevent the occurrence of buckling. If you must use them, you need to pass a small batch test before use.


3. Judge the material, color and shape of the object to be attached. Spherical objects or objects with high curved surface should be pass the test sticker, and should not use high stiffness material (such as PET or BOPP) rather than use softer material.


4. Make sure if there is a special labeling or storage environment requirements sticked to the object, to know the specific environment in which the label will be used.


5. According to the product surface treatment, determine whether subsequent post-processing is required, especially when the end customer has requirements such as friction coefficient and static electricity.


6. Wear resistance test. For plastic film materials in principle, it is recommended to take the varnishing process, especially like raw materials with poor wear resistance (such as PE materials, foam materials).


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