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How To Properly Maintain Flexo Plate For Flexo Printing Machine? How To Properly Maintain Flexo Plate For Flexo Printing Machine?

Proper flexographic plate storage plays a vital role in achieving high quality flexographic printing. Therefore, the following points should be noted in the daily storage process:

(1) Keep it in a place free from sunlight and UV lamp irradiation.

(2) The ambient temperature is controlled at 5°C to 35°C.

(3) It should be cleaned the ink and fully dry on the surface as soon as possible after printing.

(4) The plate should not be placed on top of each other (use paper or buffer material to separate between flexo printing plates).

(5) Storage room should maintain good ventilation.

(6) Use a cleaning agent that does not swell the resin.

High printing pressure or hard rubbing of the plate can cause damage to the flexo printing plate. Therefore, during and after printing, cleaning of the plate should be avoided to make the plate broken.

We know that the water-based ink and solvent-based ink, after printing for a long time will be dry and cured. Once cured, the ink is difficult to dissolve. Hard wipe cleaning will cause the plate breakage. Therefore, after printing, the plate should be cleaned and fully dried before the ink is cured and placed in a well-ventilated place for storage. Proper plate washing time and storage environment can prolong the use of printing plates and reduce the cost waste caused by flexo printing plate damage.

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