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Continued Application Development of High-Speed Slitting Machines Continued Application Development of High-Speed Slitting Machines

Continual improvement of high-speed slitting machine

Previously, the speed of the magnetic powder clutch of the slitter could not be high enough because it was prone to high-speed conflicts during operation, which resulted in high temperatures and shortened its lifespan. In severe cases, it could become stuck, hindering the machine's operation and severely affecting production efficiency. Now, by using dual-frequency conversion motors for control, the magnetic powder conflicts can be controlled at a certain value via the frequency conversion motor even when the diameter of the rolled materials increases, thus preventing high temperatures.

The traditional control scheme for slitting machines was to use a large motor to drive the roll axis, which contained a magnetic powder clutch. By adjusting the current of the magnetic powder clutch, the resistance it produced could be controlled to adjust the tension of the rolled material.

The magnetic powder clutch and brake are a special type of automated actuation element that transmits torque through magnetic powder filled in the working clearance. By changing the magnetic current, the magnetic state of the magnetic powder can be changed, thereby adjusting the transmitted torque.

It can be used for stepless speed regulation from zero to synchronous speed, suitable for high-speed fine adjustment and medium to low power speed control systems. It is also used to adjust the torque by controlling the current to maintain a stable tension in the unwinding or winding process. The slitter has continuously evolved from single-motor control to dual- and three-motor control, becoming even more stable and efficient at higher speeds. Now, we recommend RaLoyal's high-speed slitting machine for you.

RaLoyal's high-speed slitting machine

Application of HCH2-650 high-speed slitting machine

  • Original paper, release paper, cardboard;

  • Pressure-sensitive paper;

  • Protective film;

  • PET, PVC, etc.

Characteristics of HCH2-650 high-speed slitting machine

  • The HCH2 series adhesive label slitter uses a Siemens control system from Germany, which has a high degree of automation.

  • Double-bead friction shaft winding, segmented tension control, and anti-scraping functions.

  • Controlled by two servo motors, with high speed and quality.

  • Options: shaftless loading, semi-automatic blade group.

RaLoyal has always been committed to providing global solutions for constantly developing market demands and offering customers competitive customized equipment, including the latest solutions in innovation, technology, and sustainable development. We have agents in Germany and Venezuela, and can provide instant technical support, minimizing the waiting time for customers. Once we have the opportunity to cooperate, we believe that RaLoyal will become your loyal partner and supplier. Please feel free to contact us.


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