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Operational Specification for High Speed Slitting Machine Operational Specification for High Speed Slitting Machine

Pay attention to safety when feeding into high speed slitting machine. Push the material to the right position to inflate, pay attention to the direction of rotation of the material can not be reversed. Wear paper and side to side: put the material in the direction of setting the equipment from the roll to the roll, adjust the rectifying position to the opposite side, and ensure the glue on both sides of the finished product. Be sure to go to the middle of the rectification journey. When running, pay attention to the rectification - edge. When exceeding the journey, the cut edge will occur and need to be dealt with immediately.

Put the required paper tube on the reel and align the material. When double-sided adhesive is needed, double-sided adhesive must be affixed, proper winding tension and unwinding tension must be adjusted, and edge-cutting winding must be carried out. In the process of winding up, the quality of products should be strictly checked. No inferior or waste products or other stolen goods or edges should be involved in the products. Meanwhile, the metre number should be strictly controlled. In the process of operation, do not scratch or cut each roll core with a knife or hard object.

When stopping and unloading, the product should be pulled out from the inflatable shaft by holding the material in one hand. The material of the Photo-Painting picture must be well gloved, and no handprint should be left on the product.

Perfect packaging according to production requirements, including labeling, packaging paper or film, box sealing, batch number, etc.

Turn off the power supply and air source after shutdown, and carry out necessary cleaning and maintenance for the high speed slitting machine. Do not scrape the excessive rollers with knife as far as possible, and clean the glue on the equipment with solvent.

Problems encountered in the operation process, in principle, stop processing. If you can't stop the high speed slitting machine in time, you must slow down and handle it carefully.
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