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How Does a Paper Slitter Work? How Does a Paper Slitter Work?

The primary function of a slitting machine is to convert large rolls of paper, foil, and film materials into narrower rolls.  This process involves three major components: the unwind, the slitter, and the rewind.

Unwinding: The process commences with loading a large paper roll onto the unwinding shaft. The machine then proceeds to unwind the paper roll at a controlled speed. Our machines also feature individual shaftless loading and fully automatic unloading.

How Does a Paper Slitter Work?

Slitting: Subsequently, the unwound paper is passed through sharp blades or rotary knives that slit the paper into smaller widths. The number of blades can be adjusted based on the required number of rolls. At the same time, our slitting machines are capable of meeting the requirements for various slitting widths.

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Rewinding: Following slitting, the slit paper is rewound onto separate cores to form smaller rolls. The tension and speed of rewinding can be controlled to ensure tight and even winding of the rolls.

Cutting: Some machines also feature an integrated cutting mechanism that cuts the rewound rolls to the desired length.

There are numerous manufacturers of paper slitting and rewinding machine, but we stand out as one of the top choices for you. If you require any type of core paper machine, please do not hesitate to contact us. As a professional factory specializing in paper slitting and rewinding machines, Raloyal is committed to providing you with high-quality products.
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